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The New World

There is no question the world of energy and utilities is shifting from large incumbents to disruptive technologies and solution based approaches.

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    It is in this environment that we thrive…

It is in this environment that we thrive…

Who we are

Simply Group is a Kiwi-owned innovator that simplifies the process of buying, selling and consuming energy and utility services for property companies, businesses and alternative power generators.

We are a tight knit team with over 100 years of combined experience across technology, engineering and commercialisation of products and services within the energy and utility sectors.

We operate across highly regulated, complex technological environments that are now faced with increasing disruption.

Work with us

We genuinely partner with our clients through service agreements and joint ventures with clear outcomes and KPIs.

Then we apply our expertise, agile systems and compliance capabilities to identify and implement new businesses and solutions to increase profitability.

We enable our clients to participate in New Zealand’s energy and utility markets by taking the hassle, the detail and the hard work out of buying, selling, reconciliation, billing and data analytics for energy & utility services.

We help our client’s save money, create additional revenue streams or build goodwill…

It's taken care of.

Making the complex simple is what we do…

Agile Energy & Utility Solutions

Simply Group simplifies data management, reconciliation, billing and risk services to the energy and utility sector


Managing complexity
We identify, establish and manage innovative services, taking the complexity out of energy and utility markets for our clients.

Ability to commercialise
We rapidly commercialise new ideas and initiatives with existing networks and trusted partners.

Agile across markets
We act across the value chain – from wholesale markets, infrastructure and retail solutions – to create tangible value for our clients and partners.

Industry experts
We are experts at managing data, creating solutions for compliant reconciliation and billing and structuring deals within regulated energy and utility markets.

Infrastructure and critical mass
We have the people and technical capability to create, deliver and operate innovative business and product lines.

It's taken care of.

Case Studies

Refer to some recent case studies that bring together the Simply Group capabilities into successful client solutions;


Simply Group offers data management, reconciliation, billing and risk services to the energy and utility sector

Simply Group are complementing and supporting disruptive technologies and new business models that still need to interact with market systems and compliant processes

We are supporting over 70,000 meter connection points under management across electricity, gas, water and waste

ph. 0508 474 6759 (0508 4SIMPLY)

Simply Energy is a registered electricity generator-retailer able to deliver solutions right across the NZ electricity market

Services include:
Electricity Supply; to commercial, industrial and SME customer sites
Generation Services; power sales, advisory and services
Billing Solutions; White Label Retail Services and Solutions for energy producers, generators, retailers and network companies

ph. 0508 474 6759
  • Deloitte Fast 50

    Deloitte Fast 50
    2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

  • EECA Awards

    EECA Awards
    2010 / 2012 / 2014

TENCO provides private network utility solutions for over 100 property group clients

Services include:
Embedded Networks; establishment, reconciliation, billing and regulatory compliance for property group embedded networks
Utility Billing; manage utility billing for property groups (shopping centres, airports, business park) for electricity, gas, water & waste

ph. 0800 359 500
  • Deloitte Fast 50

    Deloitte Fast 50

Axos licenses its utility meter data management and billing products to energy/utility network and retail companies

Licensed Products include:
Axos Datahub for meter data management, estimations, validations and exceptions management
Axos Billing for utility billing of complex tariffs
Axos On-Board; for managing data migration and historical reconciliation & wash-ups

ph. 04 974 5312

SEL Capital provides trading, risk and deal structuring services for the energy and commodity markets

Services include:
Trading and Risk Services for independent generators, retailers, commercial and industrial energy consumers through advisory, intermediation and deal structuring

Advisory and Deal Structuring to the energy and commodity markets for asset acquisition, divestment, funding and commercial structuring

ph. 0508 474 6759

Simply Aqua provides water meter data management, reconciliation, billing and analytic services to water companies, property groups and councils

Services include:
Meter Data and Billing Services to water related clients that includes meter data management and billing of fresh water, grey water, reticulated hot water and irrigation schemes

Reconciliation and Network Analytics for water related clients for network reconciliation, tariff management and network planning

ph. 0508 474 6759

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It's taken care of.