Month: October 2010

Simply Energy named in top 10 of Deloitte Fast 50

Wellington, 28 October 2010 – The team at niche electricity retailer, Simply Energy, is celebrating today after being named in the Top 10 at the Deloitte Fast50 Awards in Wellington last night.

Established in 2005, Simply Energy has become an important contributor to the New Zealand electricity industry and provides specialist generation-retail solutions to independent generators and commercial clients.

A combination of international expertise, a unique business model and an innovative portfolio of products and services has seen Simply Energy consistently achieve triple digit sales growth for the past three years and generate a profitable return since 2008.
Murray Dyer, founding Commercial Director at Simply Energy comments: “We are delighted to be included in the Deloitte Fast50 index, it is a great recognition for the hard work and dedication of our team over the last few years.
“What is especially rewarding is that we have successfully developed and implemented a strategy based purely on innovative products and services.

“In fact, from the beginning, we set out to take our business model, products and services as far away from the standard vanilla tariffs of the incumbents as we could, by offering structured value-add services. This unique approach is generating real momentum for Simply Energy with an ever increasing number of client referrals.

“The most exciting thing for Simply Energy is that we have barely scratched the surface of this $5 billion dollar per annum sector and it is entering into a major period of transition.
“This industry transition is around the recent market reforms, development of a futures market along with the roll out of smart metering, demand management technologies, the improving economics of embedded clean-tech generation technologies and development of sector specific niche products and services.   We see a very bright future for an innovative service focused company, such as Simply Energy, that is unencumbered with legacy systems and business practices.

“We credit our success to our valued and sophisticated clients that understood and bought into the Simply Energy value add approach, these clients are now acting as great advocates for us in the market that will help us remain in the Deloitte Fast50 for years to come.”